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Effective To-Do List Techniques


Most times people fall into the trap of trying to make many things happen at once. They call it multitasking, but truly, it’s a bad habit! 

You get down to work on some important projects but decided to send a quick email before getting on with it. Next thing you know, you’ve spent several minutes on that, replied to a couple of chats messages, check out some latest news, and you’re nowhere nearer to starting what you originally set out to work on.

There is also the issue of bosses valuing their workers’ ability to multitask, and the unending expectations to manage more than one task at once.

If you’re finding it hard to focus at work, a good place to start is with a well-written to-do list. Writing a to-do list involves more than just jotting out the things you need to do.

Success Express Lane: Your Roadmap to Personal Achievements explains in detail how you can take control of yourself and escape from the habit of getting trapped into “multitasking”.

Below are some information you can gain from Success Express Lane that can guide your to-do list.

Write out the date

When listing out those things that you need to do, do not forget to write the date so as to keep your brain engaged and prevent scrambling to discover where you left off.

List all the tasks for the day

When filling out the to-do list, there is always the temptation to add as many tasks as possible. That is something you need to beware of. You should write down the realistic amount of tasks you can do. Be cautious not to overload yourself with so many tasks, or else you won’t finish them.

Write the meeting times

Writing out the time each task or meeting is supposed to hold will help solidify in your head what your day is going to look like.

Keep the track of your hours

At the end of every hour, write down what you have accomplished; this helps to keep you on track when you realize that you slack off that hour. This also gives you a snapshot of the hours that you were most productive so that you can optimize your daily energy.

Create a daily summary of your activities

Write a summary of what you were able to achieve at the end of the day. This helps you to know if you have been productive or not.

Prepare your to-do list a night before

One of the things that set you up for a successful day is to have everything needed for the day ready. Write out your to-do list before you go to bed. This should be a core component of your evening routine.

Be specific about the task that you are set to do

Clearly define your tasks when creating your to-do list. When you break down a large task into smaller action items, you render your goal for the day less intimidating and more manageable

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