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Effects of pornography

porn effect

Pornography addiction is one of the most reported addiction in this age. So many people feel the urge to watch porn, and it becomes so hard to resist. 

The argument on whether watching pornography is morally right or not has not been able to come to a decisive conclusion. 

Some contend that watching pornography to a certain level has some negative effects while suggesting that it is healthy. 

Whatever it is, you do always start with your brain, and these things always have some knock-back effects on the brain. 

The brain produces some substances, such as Neurotransmitters, which cause feelings of pleasure and excitement in the body. 

When a person overstimulates the release of such chemicals artificially through the overuse of alcohol, porn, sex, drugs, or any other behavior, the human body develops an expectation for chemicals that cannot be achieved through healthy and normal activities. 

As such, addicted individuals will keep engaging in unhealthy and destructive behaviors just to keep the high and feelings of excitement that were achieved artificially. 

As they say, everything has a side effect. So, in this post, we are going to be looking at a few of the negative effects of pornography.

porn effect

Pornography Effect on Brain – Depression!

Pornography increases the rate of depression. Recent research has shown that people who watch pornography often have cases of social anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and depression. 

When you’re experiencing any of these, you most probably lack a healthy percentage of a chemical called “dopamine in your brain. It is this substance that helps you feel pleasure. 

When this substance is lacking, you start having some behavioral and physical dysfunctions, such as motivation, learning, sleeping, attention, pain processing.

Pornography can also cause a shrinking in the brain. A study has shown that an increase in the usage of pornography is associated with a decrease in the brain matter in the areas of the mind associated with decision making and motivation. 

There have been demonstrations that have shown that porn usage can produce some changes in the brain. These changes could be physical as well as atomic. Research has also shown that men who have smaller brain volumes are those that constantly watch pornography. 

They are also known to have fewer connections in the stratum. This is a region of the mind that is connected to reward processing.

Pornography watching also turns off a certain part of the brain that processes visual imagery. This is so, because, in order to get turned on, the brain diverts the flow of blood from the visual cortex. 

If someone is going to be engaged in watching porn, then they should be aware of the effects it would have on them. 

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