Chicago Riot – [Paperback]

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In a bid to save his dying mother, Dwayne Todd is driven into a life of crime at the tender age of twelve by the biggest kingpin in Chicago, Tyrone Blackwell. Despite his kind heart, it is evident that he is destined to follow the dark path in life. And it becomes inevitable that chaos and death should trail behind him.

This is a fictional tale of the origin and details of what would become the most vicious, chaotic and destructive riot in the history of Chicago.

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The Ancient Houses of Egypt – (Paperback)

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The poetic telling of the story of Joseph in an easy-to-read script format 

“This poetic telling is written in an easy-to-read script format that shines a light on the simple, age-old truth of how faith, love and devotion, even in the hands and heart of one unassuming person, can move the heavens and the earth.”–Clara Banks’ Review

The entertaining Biblical tales of Joseph in Broadway shows and Hollywood films of epic scale offer so much more, especially in these troubled times. This book tells it all!

A sweeping and poetic telling of the poignant biblical stories of how the Israelites came to be under the yoke of the Egyptians and how they were freed from slavery by Moses. 

In a script-like format that can be read aloud in groups, The Ancient Houses of Egypt presents the tales of two central Old Testament characters. First, we weave the story of Joseph, with his many-colored coat, his brothers’ treachery and his bondage and ascension to glory. Then, we move to the saga of Moses, with his mother’s sacrifice, his rise to power, his struggle with and acceptance of his lineage and the deliverance of his people. 

This retelling reworks these familiar stories to focus on Joseph and Moses’ devotion, faith and obedience to God in the face of scorn, mockery and threat of death; their steadfast belief and willingness to obey brought God to their people and their people to freedom and prosperity.

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Who Was Jesus, Really? Book One – (Paperback)

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Who Is Jesus, Really? Book One is an introduction to the life of our Lord Jesus for young people. The first in a trilogy, Book One chronicles in an unpretentious way Jesus’ miraculous entrance into the realm of earth, his childhood, his growth, and his teachings. Children expand on what they learn in church and school, seeing how Jesus’ everyday life was not so different from their own. Jesus is our role model, and each story in this book gives children a lesson to hold on to and teaches them what they need to do to become not just readers, but doers, of the Word. (Authored by James Taiwo).

Bible Giants of Faith: Bible Study Guides – (Paperback Edition)

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People considered as “ordinary” used their outstanding faith performances to break the world record.

This book reveals how “ordinary” people in the Bible, seized the opportunity to move the hands of God into performing miracles in their lives… They used their outstanding faith performances to break the world record, leaving others the challenge to do likewise. (Authored by James Taiwo).

Christian Principle Guides: Biblical View On Life Matters – PAPER BACK

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Building and maintaining a Godly principled lifestyle can be challenging, but this book can help you to achieve that. Building and maintaining a Godly principled lifestyle can be challenging, but this book can help you to achieve that. The book Christian Principle Guides consists of various topics that apply to every aspect of human life. It tells you, as a Child of God, on what to do and how to do it. Its topics are not limited to: Appreciation, Blessing, Humility, Faith, Love, Maturity, Protection, Wisdom, and others. Hardly will you find a section in this book Christian Principle Guides that does not apply to your needs – Whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or others. (Authored by James Taiwo).

Who Was Jesus, Really? Book Three – [Paperback]

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Who Is Jesus, Really? Book Three focuses on God’s love for and forgiveness of us, his children. In the different stories contained in this book, Jesus modeled how he wants us to respond to people in need, showing God’s love for you and your responsibility toward him. Jesus forgives, but he expects you to sin no more. He blesses you and he expects you to be a blessing to others. Treating others with love and kindness is the proof of your love for the God who loves you without limits. (Authored by James Taiwo).

Jungle Peril – [Paperback]

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The Amazon – a notorious forest that swallows the campers and the tourists. Many who ventured to glance its beauty have fallen prey. Two couples with different intentions have had their paths crossed in this jungle. Kevin and Aviance want a fresh start of their shaky marriage. Aldrin and Nicole are frequent forest tourists. Also appearing in the Amazon are the college sophomores: Donald, Lisa, Kyle, and Azura. They are lured for a wild music festival. All trapped in the depth of Amazon, will any of these folks survive the ordeal?

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Overcoming an Addiction to Pornography – (Paperback)

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Confronting Porn Epidemy

Millions of people in the world are beset by the very human mental and physical issue of pornography addiction, and it is time to stop the cycle of need and shame.

Let The Healing Start

Stop Watching, Start Healing: Overcoming an Addiction to Pornography is a practical, non-judgmental guide to putting a pornography addiction to rest. As with many other forms of addiction—drugs, alcohol, gambling—there is often a stigma attached to watching pornography, which makes it difficult for those who suffer with an addiction to it to seek help and change their lives for the better.

Addictions can be devastating to individuals and their loved ones, often engendering feelings of shame and failure. Stop Watching, Start Healing pushes shame aside and shows us how to find the root cause for watching pornography excessively, replacing the need to watch with healthy choices that foster acceptance, love and healing within our families and communities. (Authored by Jeremy Beckam).

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