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Pornography Addiction Discussion


Merriam Webster defines pornography in the following ways;

  • The depiction of erotic behavior (either in the form of pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement.
  • Material (such as books or photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement.
  • The depiction of an act (in a sensational manner) to arouse a quick, intense emotional reaction. 

Due to the accessibility of materials that are sexually explicit on the internet, pornography has become something easy to come by these days. 

It is everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to avoid, but it has a negative effect on the brain. It is something that has become rampant among teenagers nowadays. 

Just as the lure of pornography is strong, the effect on the viewers, especially teenagers, can be damning. 

A teenager exposed to excessive porn is more likely to be promiscuous. 

Viewing pornography can affect the psychology and physical wellbeing of a person. 

While some people that view pornography do not experience ill effects, the frequent use of it can cause a problem for many others. 

These problems can be personal, professional, or social. When you are an average user of pornography, it is bound to affect your brain. 

This heavy usage becomes an addiction. Just as people who are addicted to heroin behave erratically, porn addiction is similar in this way. 

This problem occurs when the rate at which one seeks sexual pleasure becomes impulsive, excessive.

When you are addicted to pornography, you begin to have uncontrollable cravings or urge for sex. This can lead to a struggle at work or at home. 

The major reason porn becomes addictive for some people is because it provides a space for sexual gratification where relational difficulties aren’t triggered.


Porn Can Be Dirty

This means that a person that is already battling with issues of trust, intimacy, and other interpersonal dynamics could find sexual gratification from the objectification of other stimulus in which the individual isn’t experiencing any difficulty. 

In contrast, addiction to pornography can have an adverse effect on your relationship. It becomes more difficult to be aroused by your partner. You become emotionally detached whenever you are together. 

Your romantic relationship with them changes as a result of this. They become uninterested in the advances of their partner. Sometimes they require more stimulation before they can get aroused. Their brain starts craving for unrealistic ideas about sex.

Another adverse effect of pornography is that it interferes with your daily activities. You spend more time watching pornography, and this affects your overall daily productivity. 

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