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Shout It Loud – Music Album

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Her latest release of eleven hit gospel songs.Stream & BuySongs by Funmi Taiwo are fascinating and soul-lifting. A Nigerian-born artist that praises God in the heart of New York City. Her rare gifts and unparalleled music style captivate people and challenge them to wear dancing shoes, raise their voices, and praise God.

Wherever You Go – MUSIC ALBUM

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Shop At CdbabyThe album expresses the greatness of God and also raises people’s hope to understand that God is interested in their situations – irrespective of the magnitudes. The music project blends both Western and African cultures to appeal to every race and culture. It is definitely the best of its kind!

Who Was Jesus, Really? Book Two – [Audiobook]

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Shop At AmazonWho Was Jesus, Really? Book Two takes us further into deeper teachings and the works of Jesus, reveals Jesus as the healer in a world filled with sickness and disease, and how it is a faith booster for you to claim your healing in Jesus’ name. This book also focuses on some of Jesus’ parables, which he used to emphasize the issue of covetousness. Jesus does not want us to be greedy. He points our attention to being rich toward God. Open the book and open your heart!