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The Importance Of To-Do List In Goal Setting

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How The Power of To-Do List Can Save You!

This To-Do List Article was inspired by the book Success Express Lane: Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement by James Taiwo

Have you ever found yourself feeling unfulfilled or disappointed for not able to do all that you thought you’d do for a particular day? I have. A lot of time actually. There are days when we have millions of things to do and we don’t know how to pull it off.

Many people just wake up, think about the things they need to do for a particular day and they set out juggling between these multiple tasks. Unfortunately, these people end up getting trapped. At first, they may be able to keep up with their tasks the way they set it up in their head, but sometimes they have many balls in the air, that they lose track of some loose ends and forget to do important things. They apply their resources to irrelevant activities while the important ones remain untouched.

Some folks who consider the importance of to-do list have a problem to keep up with its use. They soon abandon any agenda they make and revert to their routine of juggling between multiple tasks.

There are others who do not make use of to-do list; they just doubt any beneficial use of a to-do list. They presume that it will restrict their operations and lead to a waste of time. No matter how brilliant you think you are, your mind can still suffer a memory lag or memory loss.

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Limited Memory? Explore To-do A List

Humans can only retain specific information for some time, after which it will slowly fade and vanish. This manner, your brain tends to be overstretched; sometimes you need to try hard before you can remember some things. But having a to-do list will help you eliminate unnecessary stress on your brain.

A to-do list will help anyone to successfully keep the pace and maintain an operation frequency that can meet a target goal without experiencing any memory malfunctioning. It can help you achieve you day-to-day goal in your life. It can also be utilized to achieve long-term goals.

Despite the various purposes of a to-do list, only one universal approach is needed to keep it active and productive.

Any to-do list that is considered productive must meet the following criteria:

  • It must have a definite tone.
  • It must be rational.
  • It must have priorities set.
  • It must have checks and balances.
  • It must be sortable.
  • It must be time-specific.

The book Success Express Lane by James Taiwo explains how to make the best of a to-do list. Get this book here.

According to the author of Success Express Lane, (James Taiwo), the making of a to-do list is simple. It requires no particular skill; anyone can benefit from it. All you need is a pen and paper. Also, you can also make use of your computers and mobile devices.

Stop straining your brain today, pick a pen and a paper and write down those things you want to achieve tomorrow.

In the next post, I will discuss the different categories that to-do list can be classified into.

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