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Priority rules the world of a todo list! As James Taiwo stated in his book, Success Express Lane, todo list can be categorized as an unsorted todo list, sorted todo list, and master todo list. 


The unsorted todo list has no priority whatsoever. It is merely a collation of tasks that must be done. However, the sorted todo list and master todo list must have the rule of priority factored into their development. 


Priority rules the day when it turns to making todo list effective. The scale of preference brings operational effectiveness. 

Why the need to set priority? It helps a person to make efficient use of his time, energy, and other resources. 


In the book Success Express Lane: Roadmap to Personal Achievement by James Taiwo, a person who prioritizes his todo list will have an opportunity to exert his resources of fresh energy and others to an area where they are most needed before getting exhausted. 

todoPriority – Easier Said Than Done!

Priority is essential – everyone knows that. But most times, we react to the urgent things on our todo list rather than the important ones. Everyone of us knows that important activities should be of high priority. They contribute significantly to our objectives. 


The best way to complete your tasks is through ruthless prioritization. That means deciding not to do the things you would really like to do but prioritizing the important ones. 


You must be able to decide on the most important ones even when all items on your list are crucial. Their impact is long-term, and we must make the most use of them to propel us towards achieving our goals. 


At times, there is a constant tension between urgent and important tasks. Most times, the important tasks seldom need to be done today, whereas, the urgent almost always needs to be attended to right away. 


There is a need for our priorities to be set up efficiently so that our goals, desires, and vision can be met more effectively.


Tasks should not be prioritized based on sentiment; it must be based on the urgency and importance for the big picture. 


All projects, especially the large and complex ones, must be given clear priorities. Knowing how to prioritize these things affects the overall success of the project. 


It also helps to check the engagement of your team and how you’re faring as a team leader. 

The Challenge of Prioritizing To-do List

One of the biggest challenge that can come your way as a leader and project managers is prioritizing those tasks that matter on a daily basis. 


You must always be on top of your team, always ensure that no one is working on yesterday’s priority. 


There is a secret to breaking free if you are leading a team that is working on a particular project, and you have so many tasks and people to do them. 

You can escape being overwhelmed by simply structuring your team members with tasks and deadlines for every person on the theme. 


Setting the priority for your project theme based on needs indicates you are setting yourself up (and the team) for big success!

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