What is Website Traffic?

Website Traffic Definition

If you consider any business on the internet as a human body, website traffic is the base or life of it. There are many terms in internet marketing. Today, we will discuss the definition of website traffic.

There are a lot of newcomer or beginner of internet marketing has a particular question “ What is website traffic?”. Today we will clear up this question with our definition of website traffic.

There are many kinds of website traffic. In order to get the right type of traffic, a person must know the process of generating website traffic.

Simply, you can understand website traffic as the number of visitors who come to visit your website, the amount of your webpages visitor clicks, and how much time a visitor spends to visit your webpages and websites. This is the answer to the question “ What is website traffic?”.

There are lots of points of view on website traffic. Some people who have no idea will see it as a complex matter, some who have very few ideas will see it as a difficult process. But personally, my point of view about website traffic is simple, it’s an art.

The question will arise, “ Why I see it as an art?”. Well. The answer is there are so many ways to drive traffic to a website on the internet. There are so many options that you can generate website traffic in your own unique way. You can do it differently and can be creative or unique with it. That’s why I see it as an art. 

If you can understand the definition of website traffic, nothing can hold you back.


There are two types of website traffic


Targeted website traffic

The definition of targeted website traffic is exactly the same as its name. Basically, you have to promote your website in a certain way for a particular or specific group of people. Your promotion will encourage specific group members to visit your website.


Un-Targeted Website Traffic

The main difference between un-targeted traffic and targeted traffic is very simple. In targeted traffic, you target a specific group of people. But in un-targeted traffic, you can target any type of group or people to visit your website. You can call it general traffic. It’s for any group of people.

Among these two types, targeted traffic is the best. Let me explain a little bit. When you build your online business, you choose a particular category. You will definitely want to promote your business to those people who are interested to buy your product or service. So, you will make sure to target that specific group of people related or interested to your business. That’s why targeted website traffic is so important for the business.

Among all other definitions of targeted and un-targeted website traffic, I think it is the clearest one. Also for “ What is website traffic?”


Tracking your website traffic

Tracking website traffic means to track and monitor the source of your visitors. More clearly, from where are the visitors coming from. It also tracks where are your visitors going on your website. If you want to keep up with this, your knowledge about website traffic definition will help you.

Where are your website visitors coming from, and why?

It’s very much important to build your website traffic and promotion of your website. 

It is important for you to have a clear idea about what is working for you and what isn’t. And you can find it by tracking your website traffic data and results.

How much time your visitor spends on your website and which pages they view most on your website?

When your online business and website will grow big, you will have a lot of pages spreading all over the internet. And also, a lot of people will visit your website from all over the world. That’s where tracking comes in and takes its place in your online business. 


Increasing your website traffic

It will take time and skills for anyone who wants to increase website traffic. You have to learn, practice, and apply. If you want to get website traffic, you must know how to put your website in front of your audience’s eyes.

SEO is one major and best way to drive website traffic. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It involves using keyword phrases, backlinks building on-page, and off-page SEO. 

If you understand the definition of website traffic, it will help you to unlock the maximum potential of your website. 

If you are able to drive targeted traffic based on your audience, it will help you to grip your website traffic. You can gain the most success and money and also can grow your online business bigger. 

With promotion and backlink building, your business and your website traffic will surely increase. 

You can drive traffic to my website in various ways. Buy web traffic here. Some information shared here should be enough basics to get you familiar with the world of driving traffic and website traffic definition.